I have to say I have been very frustrated in the past few weeks and I haven’t figured out why. I literally felt stuck as an entrepreneur. I started to blame everything from having too many kids with a 1.5 year toddler at home to gaining weight. Yes, I blamed my gained weight.

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I was going back to my old way of thinking. I had a “poor” mindset before I started my journey as an entrepreneur. That’s a story for another time. However, after seeking out some self-development education, I realized that I needed to be responsible for my own life and that’s the first thing to help dealing with frustration on the list. The list is in no particular order.

  1. Have self-responsibility. It’s easier to blame anything else, even your pet, for what is happening to you than to own the decisions you have made up to this point. For example, you have a spouse that cooks like a gourmet chef and you gain weight. You can blame the cooking or realize that you were the one putting the food in your mouth.
  2. Stay positive. Even in the darkest times in life, finding something positive outside of yourself will help you get through any negative feeling. As a parent, I’m no stranger to frustration. As I write this blog, my youngest is putting at my leg and I am losing my train of thought. The positivity about this situation is that I HAVE children and they will grow up seeing me as a hard-working parent. Also, the baby stage is only temporary and I’m here to watch my children grow. 
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  3. Realize that success is on the other side of frustration. Obstacles in life cause a lot of frustration. When I was very overweight (210 pounds at 5 feet and 2 inches tall), I could not climb a hill down the street from my old house. A couple of feet uphill I would be out of breath and I felt extremely frustrated because it was such a small hill. One day, I decided that I would work through the pain and frustration until I was able to reach the top without stopping. It took me months to do that. After a while, I was able to climb the hill with a stroller and talk on my phone without realizing I climbed all the way to the top!!
  4. Exercise. A walk can give you time to think. I personally enjoy walking along the river and downtown near my home. I leave all electronics (except my fancy pedometer) at home because they can cause unnecessary stress. Walking definitely lifts my spirits up. Some people like to bike or hit the gym. Do what is most fun for you.checlist
  5. Keep track of progress. Sometimes, we focus so much on what we are not doing, we forget the progress we have made thus far. Where were you 6 months ago? A year ago? Seeing what you have accomplished can show what you are improving on and you are not as stuck as you imagined.

Everyone gets frustrated. It’s a normal part of life. The way you react to it afterwards is what’s important. What do YOU do when you get frustrated?