When you go to a restaurant and it’s your first time, what do you notice first? You see the environment and it’s very pleasant with dim lights, the warm decor and comfortable seats. Most places have a hostess with a warm smile and a bubbly personality. She is the person that either

helps the restaurant or break the restaurant. But if she leaves the job, her personality doesn’t stay with the restaurant. It follows her wherever she goes. That’s you, the host. You are the person who introduces the menu when your guests walk in and show interest. There may be others that just want to use the restrooms and can’t wait to find another one. (Yes, I have done that.) So even though you have a business to promote a business, people are buying because they see YOU.

Here are some ways to successfully brand yourself:

  • What is different about you that stands out?

Your uniqueness is what people notice first. What makes you attractive? Why should they buy from you or work with you? For example, I am a mom of 5 with speech and visual impairments BUT I am still a strong bubbly woman that is positive most of the time. I don’t let these challenges bring me down.

  • Be visible and accessible

If you can’t find the hostess at a restaurant, will you stay long to be seated? I would imagine not. I have personally made my Facebook profile public so anyone can see me and I do multiple Facebook Live videos.

  • Be a person that gives out referrals

In other words, practice two way networking. It’ll open up new connections and future  opportunities. If you are willing to help others, they will be more inclined to help you.

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  • Maintain a detailed contact list

As you grow, your contact list will too. There are a selected few with fantastic memories. What you definitely need for each contact is the name, contact info, how they want to be contacted, if you contacted them, when you should contact again, and something about them.

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  • Give back

Giving back is a great way to build your brand. Doing good deeds like donating your money or time benefits you twofold. You feel good doing it and gives you good attention.

  • Be YOU on social media

It is very important to be yourself. They are watching you. They want to see the human side of you. No one wants to talk business all the time. That brings me to the next tip.

  • Interact with your followers!

The key is keeping your followers interested after catching their attention. Have fun and talk with your followers. Facebook Live is a great way to do this.

  • Follow new people and get involve with new groups

This is how you can expand your connections and meet amazing new people.

  • Do promote your company’s specials and promotions – occasionally

You do want to promote your business or else, how can you increase it? But don’t be a salesperson and post it constantly. No one wants to be sold to. Some say once a week is ok. You need to test run what works for you.

Finally, realize you will make life lessons. These life lessons are not mistakes if you learn from them. That’s the beauty of branding yourself. You always have the opportunity to learn and improve.