MD Rahman is from Bangladesh and English is his second language. Not realizing he would success in a MLM, he came to the United States in 2003. MD was looking for any and all jobs he could get. He worked as a taxi driver for 5 years and worked in restaurants. He even had his own business that had some success. But at the end of the day, he was tired and bitter.

He tried AGAIN now with a MLM (the one I’m in). Ironically, he was originally negative and almost quit on multiple occasions. Fortunately, he had a great team and they convinced him to go to an international event. This one event changed everything for him. He was ready to success with a passion! His attitude has completely changed!

He also had a great support system at home with his wife and son over the next year. He is now successful by following the system and acquiring customers.

You may be asking yourself, “Is that all? Only follow the system and acquiring customers?”

The answer to that is


These are the other things he did:

  1. He knew his Why
  2. He was willing to work and do whatever it took.
  3. He went to a international training.
  4. He had support at home.
  5. He had a great team to help him.
  6. He improved himself.

And then, following the system and acquiring customers. He may have done other things as well. But everyone needs to go through the stages to success in a MLM. I’m taking that journey and I’m excited too! It has already scared me. I talked with my upline and they were very supportive and help me get through it. I’m proud to have my team. They were there from step one.

To be part of our team, visit my “work directly with Leah Estey” page. We are the Mythical Blue Fire Team and proud of it!