Do you find yourself making hundreds of phone calls and getting voicemail? Are you leaving messages and don’t get a call back? Even better, are you getting a text before your prospects listen to your voicemail? It’s because no one answers their phones! It is much simpler just to text. That’s where the “magic” comes in!

Remember all these phone calls you made and didn’t get anyone? Try texting them something like, “Hey you want to hang out next week?” or “Coffee? :)” If they ask, “What’s up?” Just tell them that you want to run a project that you have been working on by them.

And if they don’t want to talk about “that network marketing stuff,” don’t sweat it. Meet with them anyway. It’s all about contacting with people. You can ask after you met with them why they didn’t want to talk about it and go from there.

I have made a quick video how easy texting can be to promote your business.

Here is another video that I promised!  Eric Worre on the New Recruiting Technique Texting