Instagram is just a bunch of pictures, right? Yes, it is and you can use it to promote your business. There are some simple ways you can get your business noticed. I have a couple here that I enjoy.

The first tip is so EASY, my 5 year old could do it. The only place you can put your website or ANY website is in your bio. Go to profile > Edit Profile > Paste your website where it says Website (In my case, it shows http://leah2estey.funnel… as you see below.)


Your target market can click on it and go to your website. The next part is using your info section. Emojis are very popular and use this to your advantage. Arrows are great to draw your audience’s eyeballs towards your website. I like the red hearts because they stand out. Here is a picture of my bio to give you an example of how it looks.


The second tip is to use gifs. They draw attention to you. When someone asks you about your post, you can direct them to your bio with your clickable website link.


The third tip is using hashtags. These are wonderful tools to get more exposure to your Instagram page, just like Twitter. The trick to keeping it clean on you posts is to use the hashtags in the comment below with periods above it.

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