Many network marketers and leaders will tell you to KNOW YOUR WHY. It is important to know why. I even did a blog on my own why. My life is limited by finances and want to invest into my and my children’s future is the short version of my story. That’s fine and dandy. Everyone knows their whys, their hopes and dreams but how does help? It is so simple, top earners have learned it and implement it in how they recruit and sell. Your why is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the starting line of your success. These whys are goals you want to achieve. You can achieve these by making smaller goals. (There is a fantastic goal-setting journal called “Live Your Best Year Ever” by Darren Hardy.) Goals are great at helping your business get to the next level


You need to dig deeper. Your why has a why within it. This is what you BELIEVE in. Why you believe you should pay off student loans, why you should pay off your mortgage, why you want to stay home with the kids, why you want that dream vacation, why you want that special car for your mom, etc. This is what you want to lead with to inspire your team and new leads. The why within the why is more important than the actual why. This is the golden nugget that a lot of new network marketers miss! It separates the leaders from the rest of the MLM world. They have a VISION. What they believe in and how it could change people’s lives!  I found this wonderful video that explains knowing your why isn’t enough.


Now that you know what will make a difference in your business, what is your why? What are your dream goals?