Yes, I am a stay at home mom. I have been most of the children’s lives. Nowadays, I have one or more of my five children with me at any given time. There is never a dull moment in my life and it can be challenging at times. My family is my life. I am also in the process of starting my own business in network marketing in the next month.

Why MLM, you say? I have been poor most of my life and I’m just sick and tired of the limitations that it causes. I am done living month to month barely making ends meet. As soon as I received the money, it was gone. It went to just bills and nothing else. I would cut down on my electric usage to almost nothing to stay out of the hole. Even my children are noticing that I am struggling. I am also visually impaired. Driving to an office is out of the question. I can only apply to jobs within a 3 mile walking radius. There is a limited amount of jobs available in such a small range, minus the fields I’m not qualified for. With MLM, I can work with a toddler at my feet or at a playground. I’m not stuck in an office. I set my own schedule.

Even more importantly, I want my future and my children’s future to be prosperous. Being poor is no longer an option for me. I, personally, want to retire abroad on a cruise ship. How exciting is that?? But in order to do so, I need to be financially freed. I can see that in network marketing.

As I learn my new business in MLM, I will share my experiences, the ups and downs, the successes and the challenges. I hope I can help others in network marketing by sharing these experiences along the way.