You’re on a journey to financial freedom! I applaud you for making that decision. Entrepreneurship itself is time-consuming, especially in the beginning. Parenting is also a challenge when it comes to time. Most parents are stressed out with a 9 to 5 job and coming home too tired to spend time with their children. With babies, it’s even harder because they require so much more attention. I have had to nurse and work at the same time because my baby would not take a bottle. It’s even harder when they learn how to be mobile. There is no one secret in solving the challenge of parenting and entrepreneurship. However, you can make a few small changes.

  • Realize that things are not going to go as planned. Children need a schedule and consistence but that can change very quickly. Just imagine a 2 year-old getting upset over a cup that isn’t the right color and when he gets the right color, it’s no good any more. These are the times when a parent wants to throw their arms up in the air and throw in the towel. It can happen with a client that decides to change things around or quit altogether. Take a deep breath and realize it’s only temporary and adapt to the new schedule.
  • Like any good business practice, learn to how to time manage and use the skill well. Schedule when you will work and schedule when you will be with family among other necessary things. Make your family as the number one client on your client list. They invested their lives in you and you have invested your life to them.
  • Goal-setting for each day. Yearly, monthly, and weekly goals are fantastic to have to keep you going but what you do each day is just as important to your work and to your family. Setting just 3 goals a day can help you take small steps towards your destination. Ask yourself what 3 things you would regret not doing today and only 3. Any more is a laundry list. You won’t feel so overwhelmed and your family won’t feel left out.
  • Make your family part of the business. Even a small child can come up with a solution that is simple but works! My son is very creative and curious about how things work. I’ll be looking for his advice when I need help on mechanical things because he likes to learn how things work. Older children can take over the videotaping and social media.
  • Find support. It truly does take a village to raise a kid, especially if you want to succeed in life. You could rotate playdates with other moms so everyone can be blessed with time that you need to be alone either for yourself or for the business.
  • Forgive yourself. You are only human and taking over two completely different “businesses” in a sense. One pays you with money and the other with love and memories.

There is no doubt being a parent and an entrepreneur is difficult. If you follow these steps and put your family at the top of the priority list, you will see the rewards that come with owning a business and having a family. All the best to your success!